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Our Story

The mission of Weston Bradbury Insurance Services is to save every client 40% on their insurance be it commercial, group health, or personal while providing superb customer service. 

John Hicks and Joshua Long founded Weston Bradbury in 2015  after spending several years in commercial real estate working alongside business owners.  While working with their clients, they realized there was a immediate need for quality commercial insurance with outstanding customer service. There was an outcry amongst local business owners that insurance prices were ridiculously high and customer service quality was dreadfully low. Weston Bradbury was developed because John and Joshua wanted another avenue to assist their commercial real estate clients. It has since expanded into a premier commercial insurance company for all lines of commercial business.  While Weston Bradbury specializes in commercial insurance/ group health, they do pride themselves in being able to tackle personal lines for their business clients as well including: home, auto, health and life insurance.

What We Offer

Premium Coverage and Low Rates

Online Policy Management Provided by Carriers

Customizable Plans

Excellent Customer Service

Commercial and Personal Plans

 Group Health and Life Insurance

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